Business Model

K7 Lifestyle has come up with unique Business Module which helps you grow and provide lucrative ROI.

About the Industry : Rising population and lack of free space has lead to compact houses, especially in metros. Add to it the fact that in majority of cases, both the couples are working, leaving not enough time to be spent in kitchen. This has created a demand for modular kitchen and thus the rise of franchising business in this industry. Though the concept is comparatively new but has shown rapid growth in a short span.

Growth factors : The growth in this segment can be attributed to various factors. The lifestyle in big cities has changed drastically over the years. There has been a rapid increase in the number of working women, which means less time to work in kitchen. So, the idea of a modern kitchen full of electric gadgets that makes cooking easier and less time consuming became all the more appealing. Decreasing size of houses is another factor that encouraged customers to adopt modular kitchens. Modular kitchens offer ease, comfort and beauty in small size that ensures optimum utilisation of the available space.

Business Module :

  • Dealership
  • Distributorship
  • Exclusive Showroom
  • OEM

Why K7 LifeStyle ?

  • Complete Back-End Support
  • Sales Support : Potential Customers will also be monitored by company’s regional staff i.e. BDM
  • Robust Marketing & Advertising Support
  • Branding : Indoor & Outdoor Branding of Showroom
  • Advertisement Support through leading NewsPaper
  • Advertisement Support through City Banner Ads
  • Advertisement in Radio FM 93.5
  • Online Marketing Support : We are where our delightful customer are.
  • High Margin & Long term Business Prospects.
  • Risk Free Business

We also deal in Commercial Kitchen Equipments

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